[Vision2020] 8-14-23 NOAA: Record shattering: Earth had its hottest July in 174 years

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Earth just roasted under its hottest July on record, according to
scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information

For the fourth-consecutive month, the global ocean surface temperature also
hit a record high.

Here’s a closer look into NOAA’s latest monthly global climate report:

Climate by the numbers

July 2023

The average global surface temperature in July was 2.02 degrees F (1.12
degrees C) above average, ranking it as the warmest July in NOAA’s 174-year
record. Because July is the globe’s warmest month of the year from a
climatological perspective, July 2023 was also likely Earth’s warmest
*month* on record.

July 2023 was the first time an average July temperature exceeded 1.8
degrees F (1.0 degree C) above the long-term average. Also of note, last
month was 0.36 of a degree F (0.20 of a degree C) warmer than the previous
July record from 2021. July 2023 marked the 47th-consecutive July and the
533rd-consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average.

For the fourth-consecutive month, the global ocean surface temperature hit
a record high as El Niño conditions that emerged in June continued into
July. Globally, July 2023 set a record for the highest monthly sea surface
temperature anomaly — which indicates how much warmer or cooler
temperatures are from the long-term average — of any month in NOAA’s
climate record, with an anomaly of 1.78 degrees F or 0.99 of a degree C. On
July 13, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center issued a statement announcing a
greater than 95% chance that El Nino will continue through winter in the
Northern Hemisphere.
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