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Poem about gun control

Author unknown

by Katy Heim

Innocent lives are taken away 
Innocent lives are treated like prey. 
Except this prey is not killed to be food 
This prey is not supposed to be chewed, 
It is killed simply because someone has a feud. 
A feud within themselves, a feud that doesn’t 
make much sense. 

This is the sad reality we live in today. 
People killing to make a statement, 
People willing to go that far. 
Make others hurt, get blood on their shirts 
Instead of speaking with words. 
I suppose it is easier if you have a gun 
Aim, shoot and get it done. 

We need stricter rules 
Unless you want more schools, 
ending up in sorrow. 
Tears dripping down the cheeks, 
People not being able to scream. 
Another week has gone by  
and fourteen students had to die.  

Maybe it’s hard to imagine, 
But if you were in the same situation, 
you would be furious at the nation. 
For letting something so scandalous happen. 
For letting your loved ones go too soon, 
an early Monday morning in June.  .


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