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Colorado cat craves cuddles on Caturday.

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Cat and Elk Meet Face-to-Face at Colorado Window and Try to Cuddle Through Glass
Charlie the cat regularly watches wild animals walk through his Estes Park, Colorado backyard, but seems to enjoy the elk most of all
Colorado cats can make some real wild friends. 

On Jan. 24, Andrew Derek Flockhart of Estes Park, Colorado, spotted his cat Charlie partaking in one of his favorite hobbies: communing with local elk. 

"We live in a magical place where elk, deer, and other wildlife roam freely through the town," Flockhart told Storyful. "Our cat, Charlie, loves to watch them from our windows and has become very fond of the elk, who sometimes come up to have a look inside our house."

The cat dad decided to film his feline's recent visit with the wild animals for all pet lovers to enjoy. 

In the clip, Charlie, a white cat with dark markings, is sitting inside staring out a window directly at a chestnut-colored elk, who is outside centimeters from the glass.
Even though a windowpane separates the furry pair, Charlie still attempts to cuddle with the elk by rubbing his head and body against the glass near the wild animal's face. 

At one point in the video, Charlie appears to try to initiate a game of patty cake with the elk. The pet repeatedly drags his paws against the window from the inside, but the elk doesn't respond to the invitation.

Eventually, Charlie separates from his hoofed friend at the end of the clip and walks to another window. The new view reveals that there isn't just one elk in the cat's backyard, but at least five large creatures.

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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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