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Courtesy of today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Joann Muneta.


Antisemetic vandalism

It is disheartening and alarming to learn of the increased widespread antisemitic vandalism in Boise this past December. This includes swastikas and slogans spray painted on fences, houses, sidewalks, and in tunnels near the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, plus flyers blaming the Jews for the COVID pandemic, along with pellet gun ammunition left on doorsteps of houses in Boise’s north end.

Many members of human rights and religious organizations are discussing how to best respond to these shameful incidents in our state. However, another problem faces us which is that not a word about these incidents was printed in our local Moscow-Pullman Daily News. As a result, many people in our community do not know about these grim problems facing our region and citizens.

The Daily News does an excellent job of covering local news and briefs, including statistics on COVID cases, but other than political news, events in Boise are not covered. Our readers need to be informed about serious problems including increased hate occurrences. Space is limited in our much-reduced print edition, but we do learn for example in the Dec. 29 edition under Northwest Briefs that an active duty sergeant in the Klamath County Sherriff’s is facing charges of sexual abuse and harassment, and that more people are getting insurance through Oregon’s state-run Marketplace.

News that we are facing increased hate crimes endangering our citizens and marring Idaho’s reputation are equally, if not more important, and we are hoping that in 2022 that the Daily News can find a way to put these and similar items in print so that our local citizens can be aware of dangerous activities in our state whose reputation regarding racism and bigotry needs to be consistently monitored and its citizens alerted to any signs of Neo-Nazi actions.

Joann Muneta


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