[Vision2020] The Popular Vote

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sun Dec 18 05:00:31 PST 2022

Attributed to then-President Donald Trump . . ,
The Popular Vote

Author unknown

For the second time in memory, 
We’re faced with the ironic 
When we look at an election 
More divisive than harmonic. 
Though the states made their decisions 
And Republicans can gloat, 
Seems the Democrat, the loser, 
Won the “popular” (ha!) vote. 
Something’s wrong with such a picture. 
If the population’s voice 
Does unite in its selection 
We should, thus, respect that choice. 
So we end up with a president, 
Unpopular at best, 
Leaving more than half the country 
Pessimistic and depressed.


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Tom Hansen
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