[Vision2020] 4-12-22 DeSmog Article "West Virginia Protest Calls out Manchin’s Coal Profits"

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West Virginia Protest Calls out Manchin’s Coal Profits
Over the weekend, 16 people were arrested after trying to block the
entrance to the Grant Town Power Plant, which burns pricey waste coal
bought from Sen. Manchin’s company.

Zach Roberts
onApr 12, 2022 @ 15:35 PDT

Excerpt from article:

On Saturday, April 9, a group of more than 50 activists from the region and
around the country convened on a coal power plant in West Virginia, calling
for it to be closed and rallying around a small blockade outside its
entrance. By the end of the day, 16 of them had been arrested.

The plant the protesters targeted, in Grant Town, West Virginia, isn’t just
any of the over 200 coal power plants
<https://phys.org/news/2019-05-coal-power-trump.html> still operating in
the United States. It’s the one where Sen. Joe Manchin makes nearly
$500,000 per year selling a dirty coal waste called “gob.”

Gob is short for “garbage of bituminous
which, according to VICE News
Sen. Manchin sells to the power plant for a tidy profit via Enersystems,
the company he founded and that his son now runs.


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