[Vision2020] Concerning children and families migrating to the United States (the Nifty Fifty) . . .

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Letter to the editor...
I am a second generation American. Well, at least on my mother's side of
the family. On my father's side it is a bit less clear. I suspect that his
family fled Ireland during the horrible potato famine in the 1840's,
1850's. In any case, both sides left their homelands to escape extreme
poverty and possibly violence there. I marvel at the bravery it took and
the intelligence it required to make the long journey to America to make a
better life for themselves. When they got to America they were not
necessarily greeted by open arms and changed the family names to sound more
"American." They found jobs that a lot of "landed" people didn't want to
do. Dirty, and dangerous jobs. And they sent their kids to school and some
off to college. My grandmother could not speak English. My cousin, who
incidentally helped design the lenses that went into space and the moon and
who was a professor at UCLA, well, his father could not speak a word of
English. But they made a life of it here and helped this nation become what
it is today.
In travels to Central America I have seen poverty and violence that is
beyond description and human despair. No wonder people, our brothers,
sisters, and children try to escape to America. And frankly the United
States is no innocent actor in much of this.
We need to recognize that many of these immigrants pick our food, roof our
houses in sweltering heat, work in terrible conditions in slaughterhouses
and do jobs that no "American" would want to do. It's all in an effort to
realize a better life for themselves and their children. No more detention
facilities. No more deportations. No more hatred. Isn't that what America
is all about?

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