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I wouldn't think that this would upset most of the good folks on this list.
The lotto is a regressive tax on people who have poor math skills. That the
justification is that it provides money for schools makes me laugh.


On Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 7:37 PM Ron Force <ronforce at gmail.com> wrote:

> Idaho Powerball Fans Out Of Luck As State Ends Game Over Distaste For
> Foreign Participation
> By NWPB News <https://www.nwpb.org/author/nwpbnews/>  March 10, 2021
> Idaho lawmakers fearing foreign participation in the Powerball lottery
> killed legislation on Wednesday that would have allowed the game with huge
> jackpots to continue in the state after a run of more than 30 years.
> The move came after Idaho Lottery officials sought a change in state law
> because Powerball is expanding to include Australia in 2021 and Britain in
> 2022. But current Idaho law only allows lotteries in the state played by
> people in the U.S. and Canada....
> ...Republican Rep. Heather Scott worried that when Australia joins
> Powerball, the country’s officials might use revenue generated for
> government coffers to back causes she opposes.
> Scott expressed concern that could happen “in Australia anti-gun causes,
> which they see as good and we see as not good.”
> Democratic Rep. Chris Mathias said the Powerball in Idaho has been good
> for business and that the state took millions for public education, but had
> concerns that more countries might be added to the Powerball participation
> roster.
> “My concern is the delegation of authority, and essentially turning over
> our sovereignty to this Multi-State Lottery Association,” he said. “I think
> we should be concerned that they could be persuaded, they could be lobbied
> heavily by countries that we are not particularly friendly with.”
> Idaho lottery officials have said the game generates about $28 million in
> sales annually in the state, with schools receiving about $14 million per
> year...
> https://www.nwpb.org/2021/03/10/idaho-powerball-fans-out-of-luck-as-state-ends-game-over-distaste-for-foreign-participation/
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