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One to Call My Own

by Kaitlyn, Age 13, Calgary/Canada

I would love to have a puppy
to cuddle when I’m sad.
To snuggle up at my feet
when I feel angry and mad.
I would take care of him
and he would take care of me.
I would train him well
and he’d be catastrophe free.
My puppy and me would be
a once in a lifetime pair.
If he chewed up the carpet
I would not even care.
And when he grows up
he’ll be the talk of the town.
“Four legged wonder,
black, white and brown!”
My sweetie would get old
but still be a pup at heart.
We would age together
and nothing could tear us apart.
Until that day when he’d fly to the sky.
I’d sit there dully trying not to cry.
I’d stop and think of the wonderful times together.
Going through rough times and stormy weather.
I would think reassuring thoughts as I gaze up at the moon.
“My beloved friend I will be with you soon.”


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