[Vision2020] Mauna Loa 9-21-20: 410 ppm CO2 Data

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Text and sources below from an email to a friend...

Sometimes I sincerely wish that the science very simply discussed below is
a hoax or a mistake etc.  If this is the truth on this problem, the
impllications I would rather deny or forget!  Thus I am in some sense a
"climate change denialist" though not in the sense of denying the science
indicating human induced global warming a dire problem.

I will say though that we need to not merely reduce fossil fuel burning,
but stop entirely, if we are to avoid catastrophic global warming.  We have
already altered the CO2 levels in the atmosphere enough to induce long term
global warming, which will take many decades to manifest.  NASA climate
scientist James Hansen has recommended a CO2 level of 350 ppm (thus the
famous Bill McKibben founded 350.org effort!) to stop long term global
warming.  Thus we need to draw down atmospheric CO2 levels!  A very
difficult task.  Many people, even among the "well educated," are very
ignorant of the science on this issue:

*We are already at 410-11 ppm atmospheric CO2 level**, the increase above
pre-industrial about 280 ppm mostly or entirely due to fossil fuel
burning,  as you read here from current data from the famous Mauna Loa in
Hawaii CO2 monitoring station:*


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