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Through it all, Frankie has remained patient and is one of the most loving and affectionate cats we've ever met.   Welcome to Caturday

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Cat Who Was Shot and Paralyzed Finds a Home After 175 Days at Shelter: 'Our Hearts Are So Full'
"Through it all, Frankie has remained patient and is one of the most loving and affectionate cats we've ever met," said the California shelter

A disabled cat had finally found a foster after a record-breaking stint at one California animal shelter.

On Friday, the green-eyed, gray-and-white cat Frankie left the City of Stockton Animal Shelter to live with a foster volunteer from San Jose's The Dancing Cat after being with the Stockton rescue center for a total of 175 days — the longest stay for any animal at the location.

The departure was bittersweet for the shelter, which noted on Facebook that Frankie is "setting sail for bigger and better things."

"Our hearts are so full! Thank you to everyone that shared her on social media, it has been a long journey but totally worth it ❤," the shelter wrote the day before officially saying goodbye to the 4-year-old cat.

According to her caregivers, Frankie came into their shelter back in March, arriving with "a spinal injury that kept her from being able to use her back legs." They said she has shown improvement over time, however, she "still has a long road of healing ahead."

"Through it all, Frankie has remained patient and is one of the MOST loving and affectionate cats we've ever met," gushed the shelter. "getting along with both dogs and cats, she's truly a special girl!" 

To send off "princess Frankie," the shelter threw a "perfect ... farewell pawty." They wrote, "Good luck on your journey sweet girl, you will be missed and happy tails! #FarewellFrankie #GoodluckFrankie"

The Dancing Cat, whose volunteer is currently fostering Frankie, commented on Frankie's goodbye post to let her fans know that the feline is thriving.

"Frankie has settled in wonderfully with her new foster mom. She'll be getting physical therapy and lots of love on her journey to her recovery," the rescue commented.

According to KCRA, Frankie became injured after being shot in the back. Vets shared X-rays that showed bullet fragments lodged in the animal's spine with the outlet. Frankie underwent surgery and treatment.

Lynda Duarte, a vet technician who helped Frankie, told the news outlet that the feline stood out from other animals she's encountered.
"Coming to the shelter, you see a lot of cases, and Frankie was definitely one of the special ones. I remember her first week here, and just falling in love with her," said Duarte.
While they were sad to part ways with Frankie, the shelter's staff told KCRA that they are "excited" for her future, adding that her successful fostering  is "uplifting and something we need right now." 


“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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