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September is Happy Cat Month - an entire month devoted to making sure our felines are pampered and have all the things they need to be happy and healthy. Which is the way it should be every day of every month, especially on Caturday.

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Here's how to keep your kitty in the pink during Happy Cat Month and beyond

September is Happy Cat Month — an entire month devoted to making sure our felines are pampered and have all the things they need to be happy and healthy.
Cats have distinct personalities: Some can be high maintenance in their demands of love and attention, while others are more aloof, play hard to get and make their humans work for affection. No matter what category the family feline falls into, there are several things we can do to ensure that our cats are living their best lives.
REGULAR VET VISITS: Cats need to see a vet at least once a year. While felines need yearly vaccinations — even strictly indoor cats need vaccinations — vet visits are necessary for more than just shots. Cats are great at hiding illness, so routine wellness visits can help detect medical conditions that might not be apparent.
Regular medical checkups and screenings can result in early detection, diagnosis and treatment options for any conditions that may arise.
MONITOR THE LITTER BOX: Cats know what buttons to press to get a message to their humans. They may display their feelings through litter box behavior. If the family feline stops using the litter box, it's not necessarily staging a revolt. Rather, it is likely sending a message through this unwanted behavior.
Reasons for boycotting the litter box range from a very treatable bladder infection to switching to a new litter to introducing a new cat into the home. The frequency of changing out the litter is also important. Scooping the litter box twice a day is recommended.
If the cat suddenly stops using the litter box, a trip to the vet can help get to the bottom of the issue.
GIVE THEM SPACES: Cats like to get up high, so give them spaces to climb — perhaps a top shelf that's cleared for them to hang out in or a cat tree with several levels. At the shelter, we have hammocks in each kennel that the cats love to lounge in throughout the day. They also like to hide, so make sure they have access to get under or behind things and hide when they need some alone time.
ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES: While the standard food, water, clean litter box and vet visits are important to the overall health of our feline friends, we need to nurture their mental health as well.
Unlike dogs, many cats are confined to being indoors 100% of the time. While some cats may be content to lay in a window and watch the world go by, others may need some additional enrichment to keep them happy. There are countless toys, feeders and other items on the market that stimulate the brain and give cats the opportunity to exercise their natural “hunter” instincts.
BETTER WITH FRIENDS: Most cats enjoy the companionship of a fellow feline. They can keep each other company and enjoy cuddling and playtime together.
Lots of cats and kittens available for adoption right now. Visit your local shelter or rescue and see why life is better with a cat or two around.

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Cats are happier with friends. Keep reading for more tips on how to keep your cat happy and healthy.



“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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