[Vision2020] Pullman schools hit with 7 "zoom-bombing" attempts, kids exposed to profanity and a sexually explicit video

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Pullman schools hit with 7 "zoom-bombing" attempts, kids exposed to profanity and a sexually explicit video

PULLMAN, WA- Police in Pullman are investigating after someone hacked a Zoom meeting during an 8th grade band class at Lincoln Middle School. 

The Pullman Police Department said the students were watching the meeting online when suddenly a video of bestiality started playing. 

A parent who contacted KHQ said someone came into the video, started cursing, blasting rap music and then took over the video feed.  

The Superintendent of Pullman School District confirmed that the class experienced a "zoom-bombing." He also confirmed the teacher had all the safety protocols in place and that the class was password protected. 

In a letter sent to families, the district said it was one of seven "zoom-bombing attempts in the last couple days. In each of these attempts, the teacher immediately ended the session and contacted administrators. 

The district instructional technology staff is investigating to see how the hacker was able to gain access to the class. 

The school district is also taking the following actions effective immediately:

All live learning experiences (synchronous) via Zoom will be discontinued, and teachers will be using Google Meets starting Tuesday, September 8th. 
Recorded learning experiences using Zoom (asynchronous) may continue.
Additional authorization protocols are being developed.
Incidents have been reported to Pullman Police Department and will continue to be reported to the police should any events occur in the future.


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