[Vision2020] "It Was All a Lie"- Washingtonian 8-25-20- "Stuart Stevens is the Biggest GOP Defector Yet"

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Sun Aug 30 21:54:22 PDT 2020

Unfortunately, Stevens book title will fall on many deaf ears among those
who appear to not really care about "lies" from the most powerful person on
Earth, the leader of the "free" world.  Confronting these die-hard
supporters with these lies will likely inspire their confirmation bias
regarding the media/left-wing/deep state plot ("fake news media," the
"enemy of the people") to dethrone their populist hero, who is defending
their American "patriotic" way of life from socialist anti-Christian gun
rights denying police defunding etc. etc. extremists.  How else can the
popularity of this outrageous nonsense be explained?
*8-19-20 "Trump praises QAnon conspiracists, appreciates support"*
"It Was All a Lie" is a glum confessional unlike anything published in the
Trump era. "




"Stuart Stevens is one of the nation’s most successful political
strategists and media consultants. For twenty-five years, Stevens has been
the lead strategist and media consultant for some of the nation’s toughest
political campaigns such as U.S. Senators Rob Portman and Roy Blunt,
Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge and
President George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. Most recently, Stevens was lead
strategist for Governor Mitt Romney’s 2012 primary and general election
presidential races."
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