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Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Thu Aug 13 05:09:11 PDT 2020

“Unity” by George William Russell

ONE thing in all things have I seen: 
One thought has haunted earth and air: 
Clangour and silence both have been 
Its palace chambers. Everywhere 

I saw the mystic vision flow 
And live in men and woods and streams, 
Until I could no longer know 
The dream of life from my own dreams. 

Sometimes it rose like fire in me 
Within the depths of my own mind, 
And spreading to infinity, 
It took the voices of the wind: 

It scrawled the human mystery— 
Dim heraldry—on light and air; 
Wavering along the starry sea 
I saw the flying vision there. 

Each fire that in God’s temple lit 
Burns fierce before the inner shrine, 
Dimmed as my fire grew near to it 
And darkened at the light of mine. 

At last, at last, the meaning caught— 
The spirit wears its diadem; 
It shakes its wondrous plumes of thought 
And trails the stars along with them.


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