[Vision2020] Smoke bombed by the 30+ %

Roger Hayes rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 16:50:01 PDT 2020

Yesterday I was in the turn lane at 6th and Washington when an older
pick-up pulled alongside me in the left lane. It had two guys in it and a
large TRUMP 2020 flag sticking up from the bed. I looked over at them and
they raced the diesel engine which had obviously had that additive poured
into the tank which causes huge, and I mean "youge," copious black smoke to
pour from the exhaust. It's called Burning Coal if I have it right. The
smoke filled my car so much I had to pull over and get out because it was
making me ill. I saw that the truck had Latah county plates. Has anyone
else seen these boneheads? I felt like this was an assault. Doesn't make me
love the 30 some percent of my fellow citizens who think Trump is a good
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