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 Candidates for Moscow City Council seats discussed their positions on issues at the League of Women Voters of Moscow candidate forum on Wednesday (Oct. 23) at the 1912 Center Great Room, Moscow.  
Participating council candidates included Kelsey Berends; Sandra Kelly; Maureen Laflin; Brandon Mitchell; James Urquidez; and Anne Zabala.
Candidates provided a brief introductory statement and answered written questionsfrom the audience.  The forum was moderated by Richard Seamon, a University of Idaho College of Law professor.

Photos and videos of this forum are accessible at:

“City Council Candidates Forum”

One interesting question asked and answered . . .

Question 10: Should an unlimited number of churches be allowed to take over downtown buildings?

Photos and videos of previous LWV-Moscow forums are accessible at:

Moscow League ofWomen Voters

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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Tom Hansen
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