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It's a holiday miracle for a teen who hadn't seen her childhood cat for three years - she was shocked when last week when she went to volunteer at a local animal shelter and saw a familiar face. Welcome to a happy Caturday.

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Roseburg teen reunites with long lost cat while volunteering at shelter

ROSEBURG, Ore. – It’s a holiday miracle for a Roseburg teen who hadn't seen her childhood cat for three years.
So, she was shocked when last week when she went to volunteer at a local animal shelter and saw a familiar face.
It was on her second day volunteering at Saving Grace Pet Adoption center in Roseburg that 15-year-old Hannah Rountree saw a familiar face in the catio.
"I was like, is that my cat? It literally looks so much like Spunky," said Rountree, Spunky’s owner.
Her childhood cat ran away while the family was on a trip over three years ago.
"He was my first cat and the first thing I bonded with as a child, so it was really hard; I cried a lot."
Hannah and her family spent months looking for Spunky.
"That's when I was kind of like, I think he passed away, or someone took him far away."
So, it was certainly a surprise to see her old friend so many years later.
"That's how I got him; it was just fate, I feel like."
But the question remains.
"Where were you for those three years? We may never know."
Saving Grace director Wendy Kang says Spunky was brought into the shelter in early September.
"He was brought in as a stray who had been found off the side of the highway in Winchester," Kang said.
Spunky was renamed Bear and put up for adoption
"He quickly became a favorite," added Kang.
A couple took him home a few weeks later but brought him back because he didn't want to catch mice.
And there he was - waiting for his original owner to stumble upon him.
"It's just perfect that she was able to find her pet while helping us," said Kang.
And Hannah says he's already adjusted to life back home.
"Yes, very comfortable,” she said. “I knew he would just perk up and remember."
A happy tale of two childhood friends reunited.
Spunky now has a microchip. Saving Grace says that's the best way to quickly get a pet returned to you if it gets lost.


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Hannah Rountree reunited with her childhood cat, Spunky, after taking a volunteer job at a Roseburg, Ore. animal shelter.


“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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