[Vision2020] A Moonlight Night in Idaho

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Courtesy of . . . 

“Poems of Idaho” (a book that I acquired a while ago . . . and scanned and put online)

If interested, feel free to download a copy, ok?


“A Moonlight Night in Idaho”
Low the shades of night advancing
O'er the mountains crowned with snow.
See the silvery moonbeams dancing 
O'er the plains of Idaho.
Constellations robed in beauty.
Bright as diamonds, charm the sight,
Radiant as a crown of jewels, 
Glimmering on the brow of night.
Not a sound disturbs my musing, 
All is silent, hushed and still. 
Save the joyous, gladsome music
Rippling from the mountain rill.
While I sat alone in silence, 
Gazing on the grand display
Fancy pictured worlds of beauty 
In the regions far away.
Far beyond my feeble vision.
In the trackless fields of space.
Worlds may float on airy pinions. 
Freighted with some noble race.
Human beings, grand and glorious. 
May be dwellers on those spheres.
Love may reign on them, victorious
Over sorrow, hate and tears.
Eyes may sparkle on those planets. 
Lit with love’s eternal fires;
Ears may drink in grandest music, 
Filling life with hope's desires.
Thoughts like these in rapid transit. 
Chase each other through my brain.
While I sit alone in silence, 
Gazing on the hills and plain.
Gazing on the lofty mountain's 
Glittering summit crowned with snow,
From whose sides the crystal fountains 
Cast their rippling rills below.
Leaping o'er their beds of pebbles, 
Dancing in the moonlight beams.
Onward through the vales and meadows 
Glides the mountain's crystal streams.
Far below me in the valleys,
Dimly seen through forests grand,
Winding like some mighty serpent 
Is the Payetle's flowery strand.
On my west, through vales of beauty, 
Glides the Weiser on its course.
Kissing meadows robed in verdure. 
Rich as any land can boast.
Other lands may boast of grandeur, 
Tell us of their crowns of snow.
But they'll not surpass in splendor, 
A moonlight night in Idaho.


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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