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Courtesy of today’s (September 13, 2018) Lewiston Tribune with special thanks to Shirley Ringo.


No friend of women

During my years in Idaho's Legislature, it was bad news to me when I would see David Ripley lobbying legislators. That would usually mean an attack on women was pending.

Ripley is the director of Idaho Chooses Life, and it is a rare day when the majority of legislators turns their backs on any bad idea he has concerning women's health.

They will pass any proposal of Ripley's, even knowing it may be unconstitutional.

One legislator who happily supports Ripley's every whim - denying women the right to their own decisions - is Carolyn Nilsson Troy. In fact, this year Nilsson Troy supported legislation requiring doctors and hospitals to interrogate women about the number of abortions they have had.

She also voted to require doctors to falsely inform women considering chemical abortions that the procedure is reversible.

Nilsson Troy voted to refuse consideration of legislation that would provide family planning access to low-income families.

Add to these her vote to allow convicted domestic abusers to possess firearms, and you'll understand that Carolyn Nilsson Troy cannot be counted upon to protect rights of women.

For these reasons, I will cast my vote for Laurene Sorenson and urge you to do the same.

Shirley Ringo


Those were the days, my friend . . .


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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