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Courtesy of today’s (September 13, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Helen Wootton.


Letter: County should deny Logos' request for well

I am urging the county commissioners to deny Logos School's request for a personal well to water a football field. Like many city people, Logos thinks a well gives you the right to use all the water you want without paying for it. They do not understand that a well gives you access to the same pool of water as all your neighbors and if you over-use water, all of your neighbors suffer.

As one of the neighbors along Mountain View, I am deeply concerned this profligate use of well water will affect my well.

My well is used for drinking and washing and other personal uses. I do not water my pasture. My neighbors do not irrigate their crops. Our city neighbors are careful with water because they know they are charged for all the water they use.

Because they will be in the city limits, Logos will use city water for drinking. They want to avoid paying for city water to water their football field. This is irresponsible. I'm sure there are any number of city residents who would like a well so they don't have to pay for city water. The cemetery comes to mind.

As a church-owned property, Logos already avoids paying city taxes to support other services, such as police, fire, roads, etc. The least they can do is pay their water bill.

Helen Wootton


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