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Sat Sep 1 13:37:30 PDT 2018

>From the August 21, 2018 Daily News:
*The council voted to eliminate some plastics; all plastic bags; aluminum
foil; foil trays, pots and pans; shredded paper; and aseptic packaging
commonly used for juice and broth ...Davis said shredded paper and pots and
pans will still be accepted at the recycling center but not in the
single-stream program.*

>From the City Council agenda, plastics code 3-7 will no longer be accepted.
Personally, I think that asking users to eliminate certain plastics from
single-stream will lead to more contamination.

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA

On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 9:45 AM Saundra Lund <v2020 at ssl1.fastmail.fm> wrote:

> Maybe it’s the well-recognized phenom of aspirational recycling?  If so,
> even though it causes significant problems, it’s a good thing because it’s
> an indicator that those people actually care about the environment & more
> education seems to work.
> Also, as the article Ron shared pointed out, I’m glad China is apparently
> *finally* more concerned about pollution even if it does make finding
> markets for recyclables more challenging – maybe that challenge will push
> progression in packaging R&D.  Based on the reading I’ve done, it seems
> it’s the big changes (like what China is doing) that *really* make a
> difference even though the small steps many/most of us try to take aren’t
> meaningless.  Which is one of the reasons the trend of this administration
> to undo environmental protections that have improved the quality of life
> for millions & millions of Americans over the decades so disturbing.  I
> personally don’t give a flying f*ck about reducing the deficit if we aren’t
> going to have things like clean air and clean water . . . and a healthy
> earth & oceans capable of sustaining quality life.
> Roger, in spite of what you saw at the recycling center, I think Moscow’s
> contamination rate is still pretty low for communities that have adopted
> single stream recycling.  A friend told me this was recently discussed at
> PW/F meeting, and Moscow’s contamination rate is around 9%?  It’s not good
> enough, but in doing some reading, it seems that single stream has pretty
> dramatically increased contamination rates in general:  that convenience
> has come with a cost, especially now that China doesn’t want the world’s
> trash.  A couple of sources indicate around a 25% contamination rate in
> single stream is average while another source indicated contamination rates
> typically range from around 12-32%.  So, while we still have loads of room
> for improvement, I’m pleased we are ahead of the curve when it comes to
> recycling contamination rates.
> This seems to be a good opportunity to ask:  our single stream curbside
> recycling program is apparently going to cut back in some pretty dramatic
> ways (we’re still hurting over the glass in this household), at least,
> that’s what was discussed at the meeting.  Does anyone have any details?
> My friend thought a lot of plastics would be out as well as things like
> juice boxes?
> TIA,
> Saundra
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> I tend to take my recycling to the bins at the center rather than drag the
> green curbside out to the street with my meager offerings. I am careful to
> separate the various materials into the proper categories and deposit them
> accordingly. When I look into the bins at the recycling center, I am
> appalled at the garbage I see in them/  A few weeks ago I saw an inflatable
> swimming pool taking up a good portion of the mixed plastic bin. On
> Wednesday this week I took my recyclables and saw tin in the aluminum bin,
> aluminum in the plastic bin, and a whole lot of just plain trash in a lot
> of the bins.  No wonder the market for recyclables is going downhill. Too
> much containments in the stream. Are people uneducated about what and what
> quality is recyclable, or just too lazy to care?
> Roger
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