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Oct. 2, 2018


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FDA Says Don't Add Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen has recently seen a trend in being used to prepare some modern frozen desserts or to rapidly chill beverages right before consumption. Although consuming food and drink products containing liquid nitrogen may seem like the latest "cool" thing to do, the FDA is issuing a warning against the fad.

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When Salads Turn Deadly

FDA still weighing risk, traceability rules for fresh produce.

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FDA Investigates Vibrio Outbreak Linked to Crab Meat

Multistate outbreak of Vibrio parahaemolyticus was linked to fresh crab meat imported from Venezuela.

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Stop Collecting Paper Reports from your Growers.

You need to have reliable, accurate and documented data from your growers, available at the drop of a hat, to protect both your brand and position in the market. Agrian® is helping food processors go digital - using software to streamline communication and manage data. Learn how Agrian's software can help with:
Grower Management

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Forbes Chocolate Wins 2018 Food Quality & Safety Award

The Food Quality & Safety Award recognizes the achievement of an organization that upholds the highest food standards supported by quantifiable results.

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Can the 'Off-Taste' in Cut Onions be Avoided?

Those who cut onions in advance have noticed that waiting a while to use onions after cutting them often results in a bitter taste not previously present when they were freshly cut. As a result, researchers have identified previously unknown compounds causing the unpleasant bitter taste of pre-sliced onions in the hopes of improving taste.

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Ensure the Conformity of Packaged Food

This free white paper addresses what conformity is - from regulatory compliance to product and package presentation needs, as well as what drives different food industry stakeholders to require conformity. It also discusses how to achieve conformity using advanced product inspection technologies and what tangible business benefits conformity can deliver.

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October 23 - October 25



BLOG: Fostering a Safety Culture With Baby Boomers, Gen X, & Millennials

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