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thanks for sharing, Tom

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> Courtesy of today’s (May 7, 2018) *Moscow-Pullman Daily News* with thanks
> to Tom Trail.
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> Letter: Linda Pall, the 'champion of the underdog'
> I remember an experience with Linda Pall that highlighted to me her
> commitment to defend the underdog in a fight with the U.S. Government. This
> happened around 2010 when I was in the Idaho Legislature.
> A resident living about 7 miles east of Kooski approached me in Boise and
> said he needed my help with a problem he had with the U.S. Forest Service.
> It involved restricting the use of his property. He raised hunting dogs and
> boarded dogs. This was a big business for him. The Forest Service said
> that, under the terms of the Frank Church Wilderness Area, he could not
> raise hunting dogs on his small acreage since it was not an agricultural
> enterprise. He defense was that he purchased the property before the
> passage of the Frank Church Wilderness Act and thus was grandfathered in
> and could raise his dogs.
> He had lost several times in court. He said he had hired an incompetent
> lawyer. I suggested he contact Pall and that she was a bulldog when it came
> to working for her clients and a just cause. I introduced him to Pall and
> she took the case. She fought the case all the way to the 9th Circuit Court
> of Appeals and won the case. It was a clear case of the U.S. government
> overstepping its boundaries and almost bankrupting a private citizen. Pall
> was complimented by one the justices of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
> for her presentation. I will always remember Pall as the champion of the
> underdog.
> Tom Trail
> Moscow
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