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Ron Force ronforce at gmail.com
Wed May 2 08:26:11 PDT 2018

Over the past few years many of us in Moscow have talked about the need for
a “high end, adult condo” development in Moscow for people who want to
“down-size” from their single-family, often large, homes into a condo
situation in a “downtown,” walkable, location – similar to housing options
we are aware of in other “college towns” around the US and in larger urban

As many of you are aware, a large lot south of West A Street and west of N.
Almon has recently sold. This is an ideal location for such a condo
development. Following a recent discussion with Bill Belknap, Community
Development Director here in Moscow, we have learned that this property was
bought by Noel Blun, a local builder/developer.  Mr. Blun has discussed
with Bill the following proposal for this site:

1.       Building three buildings, 3 stories each, with underground
parking, and elevators.

2.       Each building would have 12 units (so a total of 36 units).

3.       Each unit would be ~1400 sq. ft.

4.       Units would be 2+ bedrooms (with a study alcove or 3rd small

5.       They would be “high end” units – with walk-in showers and other
design elements that are consistent with “older Americans aging in place”.

6.       The cost would probably be in the $250,000-300,000 range.

7.       Mr. Blun is in contact with an architect regarding this type of

8.       Mr. Blun is involved in several other active building projects
here in Moscow – so the timeline for this is uncertain at this time.

We are posting this to better access what interest there might be in such a

This location on A St. and Almon is a very walkable distance from Rosauers,
Walgreens, the Moscow Public Library, the Food Co-op, the Farmers’ Market,
East City Park, the Hospital and other medical offices, the University,
numerous restaurants in the downtown and near downtown area, the Kenworthy,
the Pritchard Gallery, and the list goes on.  We could all “reduce our
carbon footprint” with a smaller living space and less use of our cars!
And, depending on the construction planned, hopefully, a very energy
efficiency home.

Let me know if you have an interest in this project.

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA
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