[Vision2020] University of Idaho botched a sexual assault complaint. It took 5 years to admit it.

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Huh -- UI now is documented to not only recruit sexual predator
athletes, it also exports them.  DISGUSTING!
I suppose this reprehensible handling also explains why the UI's Clery
Act reports are flatly unbelievable.  I can't help but wonder how many
other young women have had their complaints in general -- and with
regard to athletes specifically -- so horribly botched?
I'm also pretty unhappy about this:
"Miller immediately told a “low-level” football coach, she said, and
then directly informed Petrino within an hour of the incident. The
police report indicates that she told Petrino and her own coach. *Moscow
Police declined the Statesman’s request to interview the responding
Seriously?!  I'd certainly like an explanation for MPD's refusal to
cooperate because it sure doesn't look good for them.  Of course, this
wouldn't be the first time MPD has been in cahoots with the UI to keep
things from the public and to give the UI a free pass for unacceptable
and even illegal behavior.
Read more here:
It's a lengthy investigative piece, but please don't miss this tidbit
about exactly why Ms. Jameson's courageous decision to file a criminal
complaint for her sexual assault added insult to injury:
"*Because Idaho law doesn’t consider unwanted sexual touching of an
adult to be a sex offense, the incident fell under the misdemeanor
battery statute. Idaho and Mississippi are the only states without
“criminal laws that clearly forbid unwanted sexual touching,”
**according to The Center for Investigative Reporting*[1]*.*"
Idaho:  continuing to win the race to the very bottom of the dung heap.

Saundra Lund

Read more here:


  1. https://www.revealnews.org/article/in-2-states-sexual-assault-laws-lag-far-behind-the-mainstream/
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