[Vision2020] Is a gun really worth more than a human life?

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Courtesy of today’s (March 9, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Devin Rokyta of the Daily News’ editorial board.


Our View: Is a gun really worth more than a human life?

By Devin Rokyta, for the editorial board

Guns first.

People second.

Republican politicians won't come straight out and say it, but their voting records and actions make it abundantly clear - protecting guns is more important than protecting people.

On Tuesday, Republicans in the Idaho House of Representatives showed us this when they defeated a bill intended to protect domestic abuse victims by keeping guns out of the hands of convicted abusers. The bill would have made it a misdemeanor for people convicted of domestic violence to possess firearms in the two years following a conviction.

Had it passed, Idaho would have joined the 28 states and the District of Columbia that have passed similar legislation. Federal law already bans anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence charge from possessing a firearm, however, local officials and judges must have a matching state law in order to enforce the ban.

Thirty-nine Republicans - including our own state representative, Caroline Nilsson Troy of Genesee - voted against the legislation.

There were the predictable responses from those trying to justify their disgusting vote.

Rep. Bryan Zollinger, R-Idaho Falls, borrowed the overused National Rifle Association talking point, saying, "Statistics show if people want to have access to a gun, they will," while others went to the oldie but goodie, claiming it would infringe upon the Second Amendment. The state's attorney general, Lawrence Wasden, says otherwise, and we will trust his legal expertise over that of any member of the House.

There were 20 Republicans who had enough courage to stand up to protect victims. They joined all 11 of the House's Democrats and law enforcement agencies in support.

"I'm going to stand with battered women and children today, and I'd ask you to do the same thing," Rep. Fred Wood, R-Burley, said before a vote being held on the bill.

His Republican colleagues, however, stood with domestic abusers.

We hope Idahoans remember that when they head to the polls for the primaries in May and the general election in November.


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