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Stillwater Throws Parade To Celebrate Woman's 107th Birthday

STILLWATER - Hundreds of people lined the streets of downtown Stillwater to celebrate Myda Lewis.

On Thursday, Lewis turned 107 years old.

“I really thought it was more than that,” joked Lewis about her age.

For her birthday she wanted to ride in a convertible like she was in a parade.

Westhaven Nursing Home in Stillwater started to put the word out, to help line the streets of Main Street to make it look like a parade.

Stillwater answered the call and soon hundreds of people lined up for five blocks to get a glimpse of the birthday girl who got a police escort.

People cheered, held signs and sang “happy birthday.”

Lewis has lived in Stillwater for more than 100 years and credits here longevity to her health and always remembering life’s happy memories.

“Just think about the good times,” said Lewis.


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