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Courtesy of today’s (January 30, #018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Mike Dambra.


Letter: Third Street bridge

The city can't go fast enough to waste a million dollars on the unneeded and unwanted Third Street Bridge.

Bike riders and pedestrians, especially school children, would be safer with a bicycle/pedestrian bridge, and the city would have about $900,000 to put into repairing our roads. Most traffic concerns will be alleviated with the future roundabout at Sixth Street and Mountain View Road.

With all the stops and the slow speed limit, most motorists won't want to go on Third Street. The loss of parking will also affect the residents of the apartments along Third Street. All of this in response to what may be only five hours a week of minor traffic congestion.

Stop this bridge now. The City Council should not waste good money on a bad idea. It should put the bridge before the voters so that they can have their voices heard; then, if they re-approve the bridge, it will at least have been transparent.

Mike Dambra


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