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Courtesy of today’s (January 29, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Joann Muneta.


Letter: Time for council to reconsider

It is OK for the Moscow City Council members and Mayor Bill Lambert to change their minds. It is OK for them to slow down and reconsider. It is OK for them to listen to their residents.

The Third Street car/truck bridge need not be a done deal.

There are many examples of councils reconsidering and thus avoiding bad mistakes.

Back in the 1970s the city thought it would be good to tear down the 1910 Federal Building-Post Office at Third and Washington streets to construct a parking lot. Citizens convinced them this was a bad idea, and so the building was preserved and is now our beloved City Hall.

Similarly, a council thought the former Moscow High School was not wanted or needed, but citizens spoke up and now we have our beloved 1912 Center - with a Senior Center, used continuously for meetings, events, classes, dances and more.

Remember when the city wanted to construct a major ballfield on West Palouse River Drive across from the University of Idaho Arboretum? Citizens spoke up and instead we have the much better-located Joseph Street ballfields.

Not long ago, the Farmers Market Task Force voted to keep the market in the Jackson Street parking lot, but given a chance, citizens spoke up for moving it to Main Street. And now the expanded market is a source of pride and economic benefit to the community.

Mayoral candidate Linda Pall, who spoke against the Third Street motor bridge, got 1,800 votes running against an incumbent mayor. This indicates the strong disagreement with the current bridge decision. The council should stop, slow down and reconsider.

Joann Muneta


The Third Street Pocket Park

This plan was proposed at the September 10th, 2005 City Repair workshop, sponsored by the Paradise Path Task Force and developed in direct consultation with the surrounding neighbors.


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