[Vision2020] Abe Lincoln socks

Randy the.silvertipped.one at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 07:38:35 PST 2018

I bought a pair of Abe Lincoln socks from a young man named John with Downs
who, with his father, has started an online business called John's Crazy
Socks. It's incredibly inspiring. John does the written content and the
customer service, and every online business could learn a thing or three
from him.

I will wear my socks with pride, as a reminder of a time when the American
president was a figure of dignity, honesty, and compassion, and one who
worked for peace in a time of war, instead of the other way aroundl


"Listen to the deep voice of your soul. Do not be distracted by the voice
of your mind." - Caitlin Matthews
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