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Courtesy of today’s (April 27, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Cory Hunter.


Letter: City officials need to listen to public

The recent March for Our Lives started in Friendship Square and went up Third Street to East City Park. This area, going past the high school and the 1912 Center, has always seemed like an extension of the park. Most cities that are lucky enough to have a space like this want to preserve it.

The Third Street bridge was always Walter Steed's passion, and he was able to very quietly slip it into the city budget. After stirring up this hornet's nest, he was voted off the council and has moved to Boise, but it continues to be pushed hard by the mayor, who "can't wait" for the bridge, and city staff - primarily City Supervisor Gary Riedner (who lives in Colton) and Public Works Director Les McDonald (who lives in Colfax).

I support a new police station and recycling center, but when the city got wind of a vague threat to vote against the bond for the police station (if the bridge is a "go," the bond is a "no"), they moved the bond vote to next year. Except for some Transportation Commission planning meetings meant to delay and placate, it continues against a large backlash and without a citizen vote. The super-fast planning has insured there will be unintended consequences, such as loss of front yard garden space and loss of street parking.

Except for the two newest council members, this City Council has OK'd a slab bridge wanted by developers, and allowed a 680-seat church to be built downtown. We need a mayor and council who honestly listen, allow citizens to speak without being cut off and have votes that aren't mostly unanimous.

Cory Hunter, Moscow


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