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This column will now appear in the Sandpoint Reader, Idaho State Journal,
and the Los Cabos Daily News.  The full version, covering the infamous
Steven Sitler, is attached.


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> Courtesy of today's (June 22, 2017) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special
> thanks to Nick Gier.
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> His View: Sex abuse and evangelical churches' reactions
> By Nick Gier
> Some parents have long thought that the safest place for their children
> would be churches and their affiliated schools. Sadly, this has not been
> the case.
> In 2007 insurance companies that provide liability for Protestant churches
> reported they had received on average 260 reports of child sex abuse per
> year. The Catholic Church's own figures are 228 "credible accusations" per
> year.
> Given that one in four girls are molested nationwide and less than half
> the states require pastors to report these crimes, the actual numbers in
> both camps are much higher.
> Most Protestant abuse is found among the evangelicals/fundamentalists,
> whose 280,000 decentralized churches and schools are much more difficult to
> monitor for these infractions.
> After years of denial and blaming the victims, administrators at
> ultra-fundamentalist Bob Jones University finally admitted they had serious
> problems. They had been forced to do so by student activists and alumni.
> In her in-depth article "By Grace Alone," Kathryn Joyce tells the story of
> Bob Jones student Katie Landry, who had been raped by a co-worker just
> before she came to campus. She found herself confused, conflicted and
> acting out.
> Landry's campus counselor told her that "under every sin is another sin;
> there is a sin in your life that caused your rape." This is a typical
> evangelical diagnosis, which blames the victim for giving into her seducer
> and/or being flirtatious and wearing provocative clothing.
> Another evangelical group, the Association of Baptists for World
> Evangelism, has also been forced to confess its sins. The focus of the
> investigation was Dr. Donn Ketcham, a charismatic medical missionary in
> Bangladesh. His 40-year-long history of sexual misdeeds finally came to
> light in the case of Kim James.
> James and her family arrived at the Bangladesh mission in 1982. When James
> was 13, Ketcham cultivated an intimate relationship with her that led, he
> later admitted, to "a minimum of 10 to 15 sexual encounters." James
> recalled saying to herself: "This is the most godly man here. He would not
> do anything that's not right."
> Back home in Indiana, James confessed to her local pastor that she had sex
> with Ketcham. Without her parent's knowledge or permission, two church
> elders interrogated her. One of them concluded that James suffered from
> "lust in its most base form, uncontrolled in the body of a spiritually
> immature woman."
> Ketcham was forced to leave the mission because of "immorality," which was
> taken to mean adultery, not child sex abuse. Back in Michigan and still
> practicing medicine, Ketcham was accused of abusing a 6-year-old patient,
> and he is now serving a life sentence for first-degree sexual assault.
> Natalie Greenfield tells a frighteningly similar story about her abuse by
> Jamin Wight. Wright was a student at Greyfriars, the seminary for Moscow's
> Christ Church led by my former student, Douglas Wilson.
> Wight was a boarder in Greenfield's home, and when she was 13, he groomed
> her, as she described it, for a two-year sexual relationship. In 2005 the
> Greenfields finally went to the police and filed charges.
> Many people in Christ Church wrote character witness letters for Wight,
> and he served only four months of a two-year sentence. (He also did not
> have to register as a sex offender.) Wilson and Christ Church elders turned
> against Greenfield's father saying he had failed to protect his daughter.
> Wilson sent Greenfield three successive emails warning her that she had to
> meet with church elders for repentance. After she refused to meet with
> them, she was disfellowshipped.
> Greenfield is now happily married and has four children. She speaks out
> regularly about child sexual abuse. She also sings her heart out as a blues
> soloist in various venues, including some of my Unitarian choir
> performances.
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