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Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Sat Jan 28 12:31:20 PST 2017

On 1/28/2017 7:38 AM, Rose Huskey wrote:
>   I enjoy taking on-line course on a variety of topics (go to
>   https://www.edx.org/  to find an enormous number of free  no credit
>   on-line on a huge variety of topics from top ranking universities
>   and colleges).  Consequently, I frequently receive information on
>   many courses.  This morning the following notice appeared in my
>   email.  The instructors are faculty members at the University of
>   Washington.  They are developing a course that they hope will be
>   accepted in the UW curriculum soon. Meanwhile, they offer an outline
>   of the course with access to a syllabus, reading material etc. on
>   line.  It looks fascinating, informative, and certainly necessary in
>   order to successfully navigate our current political climate.   For
>   a quick overview and suggested related reading material go to:
>   http://callingbullshit.org/index.html

Yes, there isn't any doubt about it.  Our cultural environment is 
permeated with the electromagnetic and chemical emanations of signals 
appearing either organized and orchestrated or random and chaotic, but 
which demand sense-making attention either for curiosity satisfaction or 
skillful survival.  Whether referred to as political communication and 
called free speech, or sexualized advertising and called marketing, or 
fresh-baking odors and called comfort foods, most of us are bombarded 
with brain-interpretation requests at rates beyond which we are able to 
respond to ourselves successfully.  Critical thinking skills are aptly 
named, and often in need of development, refinement, and variegated 
practice.  So, the course you're suggesting may have some significant 
value for many people.

I am aware of the edx.org site for other reasons.  One of them is as a 
source of materials to learn about, and to study for certification in 
accomplishment relative to, the theory, practice, and operational 
details of the Linux operating system.  Open source software is another 
facet of people's opportunities to take more control over their 
immediate environment, in this case their computational environment.  
Linux is an important facet of this growing knowledge base.

Another organization and web site that should be mentioned here is The 
Great Courses, not only for the variety of self-study materials they 
offer on a wide range of topics, but also because, at this moment, and 
through February 9, 2017, they are offering a special sale for new 
customers that involves an eighty percent (80%) price reduction on their 
course materials.  So, if now, near the beginning of the semester 
beginning in winter (it being rather awkward to call it the Spring 
semester), you're curiously looking for something interesting to 
mitigate cabin fever before the summer solstice, web-surfing to 
www.buygreatcourses.com will allow you to view what they have on offer, 
and to stock up on lower-priced materials. Alternatively, you may 
telephone 1-800-832-2412.


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