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Rose Huskey rosejhuskey at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 07:38:35 PST 2017

I enjoy taking on-line course on a variety of topics (go to
https://www.edx.org/  to find an enormous number of free  no credit on-line
on a huge variety of topics from top ranking universities and colleges).
Consequently, I frequently receive information on many courses.  This
morning the following notice appeared in my email.  The instructors are
faculty members at the University of Washington.  They are developing a
course that they hope will be accepted in the UW curriculum soon.
Meanwhile, they offer an outline of the course with access to a syllabus,
reading material etc. on line.  It looks fascinating, informative, and
certainly necessary in order to successfully navigate our current political
climate.   For a quick overview and suggested related reading material go
to: http://callingbullshit.org/index.html

Rose Huskey


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