[Vision2020] Trump's Billionaire Backer Robert Mercer (this post not a hoax, joke, fake, satire...)

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Thu Jan 26 21:43:44 PST 2017

*Follow the money, as it's been said...*

*Billionaire Robert Mercer has funded both so called 'alt-right' website
Breitbart.com, associated with Steve Bannon, who now advises Trump in the
White House, and Trump.  *

*And now I read a bizarre claim he funded the OISM urine stockpile (for
credible scientific research, right?  Geez!).  Yikes!  The Bloomberg.com
story at the bottom, with a pasted in 'chart,'  **demonstrates the power of
Mercer's money to influence politics.*

*But at first I thought the "stockpile of human urine" story a satire etc.
But upon further query, I guess not, as can be read below.*

*I know the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, involving Arthur
Robinson, is a promoter of junk science, given the well known global
warming petition they promoted to cast doubt on the need to take action to
address global warming.  This was big news in global warming so called
'debates' about nine years ago.  This was discussed here on Vision2020 back

*Article listing Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine source with
Arthur Robinson as co-author, on CO2 and climate, and global warming
petition website:*

*Skepticalscience.com debunks OISM global warming petition here:*
Trump's New Billionaire Backer Also Funds Huge Stockpile of Human Urine

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine website indicates request for
urine samples:

The chart below is rather incredible, but perhaps Zachery Mider at
Bloomberg did credible research for this article?

What Kind of Man Spends Millions to Elect Ted Cruz?



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