[Vision2020] When the Lunatics Run the Asylum

Saundra Lund v2020 at ssl1.fastmail.fm
Sat Feb 11 11:10:00 PST 2017



Prior to the election, some of us were aware of the unhinged extremism that
is Dan Foreman, which is why he lost the Republican primary in Latah County
for sheriff.  Rank partisanship -- rather than running a worthy candidate -
"inspired" the local GOP party to decide that particular loser would make a
great fill-in candidate for senator.  SMH.  While many folks weren't aware
of the depths of Foreman's extremism, one thing is certain:  local
Republican party leaders absolutely knew and backed him anyway.  Their plan
was to keep a tight lid on his extremism for public consumption just to get
someone elected with a "R" after his name rather than run a quality
candidate.  Sad!


The rest of us - at least those of us with connected brain cells, anyway -
realized how completely out of touch with reality Foreman was in early
January when he was outed by in an article entitled, "Idaho lawmaker would
charge women who have abortions with murder
le125859554.html> ."


And, this theocrat craving man just continues to let his freak flag fly
high, and we can now add anti-science and anti-common sense to his litany of
"antis" which include (but are not limited to) anti-women, anti-child,
anti-public education, anti-road, anti-public & common good, and


Oh, and we can also add that he's a voracious consumer of Fake News.  Sad!


If there are any reasonable people who haven't yet realized the depth of
betrayal of our district by local Republican party leadership, here's a
letter he recently wrote to a constituent
2&e=4950b149ab> :




If it weren't so serious, it would be funny, right?  Here's a man lamenting
the loss of critical thinking skills who himself lacks the critical thinking
skills to recognize he's pushing fake news, for the love of God, and who is
fine with gutting and dumbing down public education so our children will
never develop the critical thinking skills he's whining about.


And, all of this from a man who couldn't critically think himself out of a
wet paper bag.  Sad!


It's no wonder intelligent life-long Republicans here in Latah County have
been worried for quite a few years and have quit being "party" people with
the spread of the rabid extremism that has infected the state and local
Republican parties.  Perhaps that exodus is a significant factor in the
local Republican party not having a quality candidate to run for the senate
in the last election.


Several weeks ago - after that first article - I heard rumors of a recall
effort.  Does anyone know anything more about that?  If the local Republican
Party lacks the ability to keep this horror in check or convince him to step
down so someone not unhinged can step up to represent us, perhaps a recall
is the way to go.



Saundra Lund

Moscow, ID


To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men.

~ Abraham Lincoln




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