[Vision2020] Hate groups in Idaho re. We're #2

Lynn McCollough lmccollough at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 16:22:34 PDT 2017

To Ted and Ron-
There is very much a movement to increase numbers in Idaho, they are coming
for a variety of reasons. Many claim they just "don't like government
regulations" or "don't like taxes", but many are spurred by the coming race
war that they fear, from listening to hate news.
The Economist wrote about them last year:

A part of this movement is to keep quiet about the resources you are
building up, thus why you are here.
Many people do come here for the lower housing costs and outdoor
recreation, but many, many, come for how "white" we are.

While the Aryan Nations mostly packed up and left Hayden for central PA,
they had quiet supporters who were not dues paying members, who never left.
When I travel, and when I meet travelers here, yes, our reputation remains
tarnished, these many years later from Aryan Nations. The Nazi's of north
Idaho are, I believe, the most media covered thing to ever come from north
Idaho. They made the news for a much longer period of time than even Randy
Weaver in Ruby Ridge.
So my response is "Not Surprised" that Idaho ranks high on the list of hate
groups, sadly. They believe they will be welcomed.
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