[Vision2020] Who's military?

Sam Scripter moscowsam at charter.net
Fri Apr 14 14:57:09 PDT 2017

*Very well said, Roger Hayes!!!!**
**I really like what you wrote. Thanks for the Friday afternoon smile!**
**Sam Scripter*

On 4/14/2017 2:21 PM, rhayes at frontier.com wrote:
> One of the most telling thing I heard Trump  lately say is: "*My* 
> military is the best... and *my*  generals..." I am sorry Donald, you 
> self-serving, egotistical wanna be orange tyrant, but the words out of 
> your puckered mouth should have been "*Our* Military and *Our* 
> generals." Veterans should be very incensed with this kind of talk as 
> it rings of dictatorship and anti-American values. And as for it 
> being "*your* military," I actually have more talking rights than 
> you as I, unlike you, pay taxes to keep this country afloat.
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