[Vision2020] 4-13-17 7-7:30 PM Law Enforcement by USDA Building Mountain View

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Hi Ted,


Wow – it was a very busy night in town  :(


I checked MPD’s Daily Activity Log <https://www.ci.moscow.id.us/police/Pages/activity-log.aspx> , but it’s not been updated quite yet – we can look tomorrow to see the description if nothing is in the newspaper.




Moscow, ID


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As I approached bicycling heading west on the Latah Trail just after 7 PM tonight, law enforcement vehicles were clustered near the USDA center on Mountain View just south of Hwy. 8.  When I got to Mountain View, another Moscow police vehicle arrived, and an officer exited and ran toward the other vehicles.  


Out of curiosity, I rode near the USDA building, and witnessed a group of law officers huddling over what might have been someone being restrained/arrested.  I could not see the person under the huddle, however.  At first I thought someone might have needed medical attention, from an accident, etc.  But there were no medical related vehicles or personnel, that I saw.  No ambulance sirens, either, and there had been plenty of time for one to be called.


It looked like an arrest that required the use of force.  A car was parked near this spot, that might have been the car the person being restrained was driving.


I might have misunderstood these activities, but it did not look friendly.


A training exercise?  If so, it fooled me.


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