[Vision2020] 4-10-17 "Great Barrier Reef 'cooking and dying' as seas heat up, warn scientists"

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And we have a president whose appointee to head the EPA opposes action to
mitigate global warming, a president who has stated global warming is a
Chinese hoax, that the US should withdraw from the Paris climate agreement
and block the Clean Power Plan, that the US should expand coal mining, and
scrap proposed more stringent motor vehicle fuel efficiency standards.

What did I forget?

Centuries from now humans will look back at us as greedy ignorant
barbarians for not stopping global warming.

Great Barrier Reef 'cooking and dying' as seas heat up, warn scientists

By Anna Cummins and Ben Westcott <http://www.cnn.com/profiles/ben-westcott>,

Updated 9:13 AM ET, Mon April 10, 2017


Excerpt from article above:
Climate change 'number one threat'
Coral bleaching is a stress response that happens when an increase in sea
temperatures causes the expulsion of algae that grow inside coral, turning
the reefs white and eliminating their main energy source. It's directly
linked to global warming.
Bleaching doesn't kill coral straight away -- if temperatures drop, the
algae has the chance to recolonize. But if temperatures remain high,
eventually the coral will die, removing the natural habitat for many
species of marine life.
Australia's Minister for the Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg said in
a statement that climate change was the "number one threat" to the Great
Barrier Reef.
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