[Vision2020] Stealth Attack

Debi Smith Debismith at moscow.com
Sun Oct 23 19:42:22 PDT 2016

Just vote NO again. I did!

Debi R-S

On 10/23/2016 11:38 AM, rhayes at frontier.com wrote:
> HJR 5- Vote no...as we did two years ago.
> These are the words of Idaho's Attorney General Wasden.
> "...under HJR 5, lobbyist influence will increase within Idaho’s 
> government. The current system insulates much of Executive rulemaking 
> from lobbyist influence based on the notice and hearing process by 
> which rules must be adopted. But, that is disrupted through lobbyist 
> encouraged Legislative interference. Recognizing that the Executive 
> agencies often make rules based upon cultivated expertise within their 
> respective areas designed to administer a collective benefit, there 
> will always be individuals unhappy with that process. Lobbyists with 
> decreased influence within Executive branch agencies will flex their 
> muscle within the Legislative branch to overturn negotiated, publicly 
> driven rulemaking processes in order to advance narrow paid for 
> agendas. This is an existing weakness within the current regime and 
> should not be placed permanently within Idaho’s constitution. HJR 5 
> will permanently allow well-heeled individual interests to overturn 
> the open negotiated process of rulemaking by hiring a lobbyist, who 
> can then influence the Legislature to reject rules based on narrow 
> lobbied interests. HJR 5 will permanently substitute the influence of 
> lobbyists for the will of the people and should be rejected."
> It plain to see that the Republican dominated legislature has no 
> regard for the will of the people. Or the best interests of our great 
> state.
> Roger Hayes
> Moscow
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