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 HJR 5- Vote no...as we did two years ago. These are the words of Idaho's Attorney General Wasden. "...under HJR 5, lobbyist influence will increase within Idaho’s government. The current system insulates much of Executive rulemaking from lobbyist influence based on the notice and hearing process by which rules must be adopted. But, that is disrupted through lobbyist encouraged Legislative interference. Recognizing that the Executive agencies often make rules based upon cultivated expertise within their respective areas designed to administer a collective benefit, there will always be individuals unhappy with that process. Lobbyists with decreased influence within Executive branch agencies will flex their muscle within the Legislative branch to overturn negotiated, publicly driven rulemaking processes in order to advance narrow paid for agendas. This is an existing weakness within the current regime and should not be placed permanently within Idaho’s constitution. HJR 5 will permanently allow well-heeled individual interests to overturn the open negotiated process of rulemaking by hiring a lobbyist, who can then influence the Legislature to reject rules based on narrow lobbied interests. HJR 5 will permanently substitute the influence of lobbyists for the will of the people and should be rejected."It plain to see that the Republican dominated legislature has no regard for the will of the people. Or the best interests of our great state. Roger HayesMoscow
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