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Those who think Trump will moderate his extremist illogical fact denying
positions on many issues, now that the campaign is over with his "win," are
in for some scary surprises, in my opinion, one example of which you just
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett


 [image: The Sun and the Daily Mirror front pages on 10 November 2016] The
Sun and the Daily Mirror front pages react to the news that Donald Trump is
the new US president-elect.


WORLDPOST <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/world>French Newspaper Calls
Donald Trump ‘American Psycho’Trump was a hero of the novel’s protagonist.
11/10/2016 07:46 am ET

Patrick Bateman, the antihero of the popular novel and movie “American
Psycho,” is a successful Manhattan businessman who doubles as a serial
killer. But President-elect Donald Trump
<http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/donald-trump/> is the real-life
American psycho, if you ask left-leaning French newspaper Libération.

Its Thursday front page features an image of Trump ― his face and body
darkened, leaving nothing but his striking mop of hair and his right hand,
thumb and forefinger pointed in the shape of a gun.

The title was likely intended as more of a catch phrase, since there are
plenty of stark differences between the fictional Bateman and Trump. For
one, Trump is not a serial killer. Nor was he an investment banker.

*American Psycho* author Bret Easton Ellis has said that Bateman aspired to
be Trump because the businessman was “an elitist” in the 1980s. The serial
killer even praises Trump’s book, *The Art of the Deal,* in the novel. But
Ellis told Rolling Stone in March that Bateman would not like the
president-elect now, because he’s given a “voice to white, angry,
blue-collar voters

Libération’s cover is also a nod to the way the future president has
portrayed himself throughout his campaign, using xenophobic
and sexist
discourse to fire up crowds.

France is dealing with its own version of the Trump phenomenon. Marine Le
head of the extreme far-right National Front party, has toed a similarly
dangerous populist line.

She congratulated
him on his victory early Wednesday before it was even official, hailing his
triumph as a “great movement.”

“I’m much less interested in my own political ascendancy than with the future
of my people <https://twitter.com/MLP_officiel/status/796447715387461632>,
my country,” she told French television channel France 2 on Wednesday. “The
political elite is disconnected, it refuses to see and hear its people.”

Sound familiar?

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 1:03 PM, rhayes at frontier.com <rhayes at frontier.com>

> With the naming of Steve Bannon to White House strategist, it's no longer
> a question of Trump receiving tacit support from the racist white
> supremacist right, he is proclaiming his radical racist beliefs. Idaho has
> been through this and eventually quelled (somewhat) these hate groups
> within our borders. Now the nation gets to see what that feels like.
> Roger Hayes
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