[Vision2020] Hillary Won by 2 Million Votes! More than Gore, Nixon, Kennedy

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Well, the framers feared 'the people' and protected the slave states:

'The Electoral College was essentially the product of two imperatives, neither of them very attractive. First, it reflected the belief of many framers that the “excess democracy” shown by state legislatures that had passed debt relief legislation needed to be curtailed. (It is not a coincidence that the Constitution of 1787, even after being amended by the Bill of Rights, did not protect the free speech or due process rights of citizens against state legislatures, but did prevent the states from passing any “Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts.”) The Electoral College was meant to act as a “filter” between the people and the White House. And while the idea that the electors should exercise independent judgment quickly became discredited, the Electoral College remained to potentially bequeath the White House to a candidate who is not the choice of the people.

The second major purpose accomplished by the Electoral College was to protect the interests of slaveholders. Slaves, of course, did not vote. But the Electoral College meant that slaves (which were counted as three-fifths of a person for the purposes of apportionment) would give the South extra clout in the Electoral College. And because Congress failed to adhere to its obligation under Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment to reduce the representation of states that disenfranchised voters, during the Jim Crow era the Electoral College allowed the South to be fully represented in the selection of the president even as it denied the right to vote to a large segment of its population.'

That's an excerpt from this article: http://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2016/11/the-american-people-did-not-choose-donald-trump


The American People Did Not Choose Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money<http://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2016/11/the-american-people-did-not-choose-donald-trump>
Constitution worship in the United States is not just for the right, and between reverence for the document and simple path dependence there’s a tendency to ignore or rationalize even its most obviously indefensible aspects. It is surely in part for this reason that a simple but rather important fact is not getting nearly enough …

But I agree with Scott's last sentence. I've read that she didn't visit Wisconsin after April. I think there are probably lots of reasons for this loss, so I don't know where that ranks, but it was her race to lose. I think Comey jumped in deliberately and that cost her votes, but again I don't know where that ranks.


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This is exactly why the brilliant framers came up with the Electoral College as a check / balance of not allowing Congress to select a president (except in an Electoral College tie) and not allowing a president to be elected solely by popular vote which can be heavily skewed by the more populous states.  Hillary and company were well aware of how the system elects a president and yet they still shockingly blew Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to a hack like Trump who didn't even have the support of his own party.


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NY Times, Nov. 11

Hillary Clinton didn’t just win the popular vote. She won it by a substantial margin.

By the time all the ballots are counted, she seems likely to be ahead by more than 2 million votes and more than 1.5 percentage points, according to<http://p.nytimes.com/email/re?location=pMJKdIFVI6pehkIEQ5/wRr6MZeaebV9ey6JTj6EssbnkGPFwrHQAyyTmM3EOBy+A6iORXC/pWMs=&campaign_id=69&instance_id=86172&segment_id=98021&user_id=4a205c5a62f3a4293ec5342704c0aac0&regi_id=29749741> my Times colleague Nate Cohn. She will have won by a wider percentage margin than not only Al Gore in 2000<http://p.nytimes.com/email/re?location=gTrU3W/9enTENHkvqbCdzZgkiTHF9UbCDD4W0GhG39P5Eyf7TltaK0BpBJHmP9mI6/jeDZp5NGKCpVGSwJxHiepw3hduVzKff3iiQHZx7X4=&campaign_id=69&instance_id=86172&segment_id=98021&user_id=4a205c5a62f3a4293ec5342704c0aac0&regi_id=29749741> but also Richard Nixon in 1968<http://p.nytimes.com/email/re?location=gTrU3W/9enTENHkvqbCdzZgkiTHF9UbCDD4W0GhG39P5Eyf7TltaK0BpBJHmP9mI6PkjHcl220G0ujhkK0RiYepw3hduVzKff3iiQHZx7X4=&campaign_id=69&instance_id=86172&segment_id=98021&user_id=4a205c5a62f3a4293ec5342704c0aac0&regi_id=29749741> and John F. Kennedy in 1960<http://p.nytimes.com/email/re?location=gTrU3W/9enTENHkvqbCdzZgkiTHF9UbCDD4W0GhG39P5Eyf7TltaK0BpBJHmP9mI6PkjHcl220GCpVGSwJxHiepw3hduVzKff3iiQHZx7X4=&campaign_id=69&instance_id=86172&segment_id=98021&user_id=4a205c5a62f3a4293ec5342704c0aac0&regi_id=29749741>.


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