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The original story mentioned another problem (or set of problems) 
concerning a $100 million software system that does not work correctly.

Notwithstanding that large software development projects occasionally 
can develop more problems than software, it is also the case that $100 
million dollars is a very large sum of money for any software system 
that a community college might need for its operations.  I am not 
familiar with the details of this particular SFCC software project, but 
my initial impression is that whatever software it is that the college 
needs, the financial charges for it are much too large.  This project 
needs to be reviewed from original concept to its present status, and at 
least one of the review standards should include the concept of 
financial clawback, that is, returning money from the vendor to the college.


On 5/14/2016 10:33 AM, Rose Huskey wrote:
> This is appalling on many levels.  Naturally the concerns of the 
> students are a high priority, but the impact on staff and faculty is 
> devastating.  Ms. Gulickson should be placed on an unpaid leave of 
> absence until the issue is sorted out by professionals (which  Ms. 
> Gulickson clearly is not).
> Rose Huskey
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> President Janet Gulickson dropped a bomb on the students, staff, and 
> faculty of the Pullman campus last week. At a social on the Pullman 
> campus Gulickson blurted out that she intended to close the branch by 
> fall. She brought the faculty to tears telling them that they would be 
> not offered jobs at main campus. She panicked students who planned on 
> attending Pullman SFCC in the fall because financial aid deadlines 
> have passed and attending another college would now be impossible. At 
> this social Gulickson did not and could not provide any numbers 
> demonstrating how citing how closing the Pullman Campus would help 
> with the SFCC financial deficit. She blamed software glitches, 
> declining enrollment (not so in Pullman), and shrinking state funding 
> as reasons behind her decision to close Pullman. Of course, she took 
> no responsibility for SFCC's financial problems, nor did she offer any 
> sort of solution to the students', staff or faculty's plight. Her 
> decision to close Pullman is a result of poor fiscal planning 
> bordering on malfeasance. The CCS Board of Directors should look 
> carefully at the actions and performance of Gulickson, and indeed 
> chancellor Christine Johnson to whom she reports.
> Roger Hayes

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