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>From a comment on this blog post:

*I enjoyed your posts on this topic. Much of it is infuriating, isn't
it?Then stop eating the young.Yup.Too many people who should know better
can't seem to understand that if free/cheap education was good enough for
them or their parents, then it should be good enough for kids these days
too. Pulling the rope up after themselves is destroying the future of the
US economy.Enjoy your weekend.Cheers,Scott.*
Simple, ain't it?

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA

On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 10:56 AM, Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:

> Who knows how many staff and faculty got screwed out of retirement . . .
> or how many students' continued education has been put on hold . . .
> . . . as the tax payers of the state of Washington continue to pay Janet
> Gulickson's bills.
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> Tom Hansen
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> On May 14, 2016, at 10:33 AM, Rose Huskey <rosejhuskey at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is appalling on many levels.  Naturally the concerns of the students
> are a high priority, but the impact on staff and faculty is devastating.
> Ms. Gulickson should be placed on an unpaid leave of absence until the
> issue is sorted out by professionals (which  Ms. Gulickson clearly is
> not).
> Rose Huskey
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> President Janet Gulickson dropped a bomb on the students, staff, and
> faculty of the Pullman campus last week. At a social on the Pullman campus
> Gulickson blurted out that she intended to close the branch by fall. She
> brought the faculty to tears telling them that they would be not offered
> jobs at main campus. She panicked students who planned on attending Pullman
> SFCC in the fall because financial aid deadlines have passed and attending
> another college would now be impossible. At this social Gulickson did not
> and could not provide any numbers demonstrating how citing how closing the
> Pullman Campus would help with the SFCC financial deficit. She blamed
> software glitches, declining enrollment (not so in Pullman), and shrinking
> state funding as reasons behind her decision to close Pullman. Of course,
> she took no responsibility for SFCC's financial problems, nor did she offer
> any sort of solution to the students', staff or faculty's plight. Her
> decision to close Pullman is a result of poor fiscal planning bordering on
> malfeasance. The CCS Board of Directors should look carefully at the
> actions and performance of Gulickson, and indeed chancellor Christine
> Johnson to whom she reports.
> Roger Hayes
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