[Vision2020] Unimaginable examples of plagiarism revealled.

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You'd think he would learn...

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 1:51 PM, Rose Huskey <rosejhuskey at gmail.com> wrote:

> Rachel Miller, who blogs at:
> https://adaughterofthereformation.wordpress.com/   has just posted a
> comprehensive examination of the six volumn Omnibus history series used by
> many home schoolers and also used by many children receiving what is
> described as a Classic Christian Education
> <http://www.accsedu.org/board_of_directors__contacts>. CCE is a program
> designed and marketed by Doug Wilson and cronies.  Logos School offers the
> books for sale here.
> <http://www.logospressonline.com/integrated-humanities-ii-semester-1-books/>
>  There are six volumes in the Omnibus Series covering world history through
> present times.  The books were edited by Doug Wilson and Ty Fischer
> <http://www.veritasacademy.com/faculty-staff/faculty/> (a administrator
> in a Classical Christian School. Both men also contributed many articles as
> well.  Other local members of Christ Church, and the Communion of
> Reformed Evangelical Churches <http://crechurches.org/> (Doug’s homemade
> denomination) also were involved in the development of the series,
> including Ben Merkle, president of New Saint Andrews.
> The website offers a brief introduction into her discovery of the
> egregious thievery of the work of others which were unearthed by Mrs.
> Miller as she gathered the material  for her article.  Please take a look
> at the breathtaking examples (apparently there were hundreds examples not
> included on the website due to the intensive nature of tracking down and
> organizing the material).  And then, ask yourselves, are any of these men
> fit to call themselves educators, or pastors.
> Rose Huskey
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