[Vision2020] Unimaginable examples of plagiarism revealled.

Rose Huskey rosejhuskey at gmail.com
Thu May 5 13:51:39 PDT 2016

Rachel Miller, who blogs at:
https://adaughterofthereformation.wordpress.com/   has just posted a
comprehensive examination of the six volumn Omnibus history series used by
many home schoolers and also used by many children receiving what is
described as a Classic Christian Education
<http://www.accsedu.org/board_of_directors__contacts> . CCE is a program
designed and marketed by Doug Wilson and cronies.  Logos School offers the
books for sale here.
There are six volumes in the Omnibus Series covering world history through
present times.  The books were edited by Doug Wilson and Ty Fischer
<http://www.veritasacademy.com/faculty-staff/faculty/>  (a administrator in
a Classical Christian School. Both men also contributed many articles as
well.  Other local members of Christ Church, and the Communion of Reformed
Evangelical Churches <http://crechurches.org/>  (Doug's homemade
denomination) also were involved in the development of the series, including
Ben Merkle, president of New Saint Andrews. 

The website offers a brief introduction into her discovery of the egregious
thievery of the work of others which were unearthed by Mrs. Miller as she
gathered the material  for her article.  Please take a look at the
breathtaking examples (apparently there were hundreds examples not included
on the website due to the intensive nature of tracking down and organizing
the material).  And then, ask yourselves, are any of these men fit to call
themselves educators, or pastors. 


Rose Huskey


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