[Vision2020] Local Homeless Shelter Loses Funding

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Contact:  Steve Bonnar, 208-883-3438, piratesteve at juno.com

Title:  Local Homeless Shelter Loses Funding

Sojourners' Alliance was informed Monday they will not be receiving the
$100,000 Moscow Transitional Housing Grant that has sustained their
operations for the last 19 years.

"I'm just shocked.  Breathless," said Steve Bonnar, Executive Director.
"There had been discussion that HUD was changing their priorities over the
next couple of years.  We've been planning for a transition on that
timeframe."  The agency now has to begin filling a $100,000 gap by June 1.

"We have plans to switch to the newly preferred HUD model," said Bonnar.
They can't do it with thirty days notice.  "We need a chance to catch our

Latah County Commissioner Tom Lamar is deeply concerned.  "People aren't
aware of the breadth of services they offer.  They have programs for
homelessness, mental health, addictions..." Sojourners' Alliance provides
shelters for men, women and families.  *Based on funding availability,
Sojourners' Alliance has provided rental and utility assistance to those in

"I've pulled together representatives from the county, hospital and other
concerned parties to help them fill the funding gap.  If we don't succeed
thirty of Latah counties most fragile residents could be homeless as early
as June 1."

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